Soul Ignition Coaching Program

Where dreams take flight.

Intuitive coaching and energy work to help you CLARIFY, CATALYZE and CREATE your vision.  

This 8-week journey of self-discovery  will launch in November 2017.

Details to follow. For more information contact Barbara at 204-887-4965.


Are you feeling overwhelmed, confused, or unfulfilled in your career or business and just don’t know what to do next?

Imagine if you could get clear on your vision and have the guidance and next step to move forward--with ease, grace and speed.

In a truly one-of-a-kind event, transformational mentors Lanne Rice and Barbara Edie will  offer a full day of high-level energy work and intuitive coaching to help women in business take their vision to the next level.

If you are a smart, purpose-driven entrepreneur or small business owner who has big plans for your business but lack the clarity, support or guidance on the next steps to move your vision forward, then this powerful one-day event is for you!

During the sessions, Lanne will connect to Source energy to help answer your questions and get clarity on what's holding you back, while Barbara will provide step-by-step coaching to tap into the power of your intuition and guide you on the next, best actions to take.

If you have the genuine desire to create a soul-inspired life and see wild success in your business, the magic of this transformational energy work will astound you.

In both Lanne's and Barbara's experience working with private clients, incredible results in moving their vision to reality has often be seen within days or weeks.

This powerful event with take place at Lanne Rice's stunning beachfront Broken Heart Studio, at 5117 Cordova Bay Road in Victoria, B.C.

A healthy, catered lunch will be provided.

Space is limited to 10 people.


The Intention

Imagine giving yourself an entire day of self-discovery so you can make the rest of the year extraordinary… and make your business vision a REALITY.

This intimate workshop will focus on YOU and your heart's desires for your business and life, giving you CLARITY, profound INSIGHT, and creative PROCESSES to move toward your vision with the greatest ease, grace, and speed.

How would it feel if you had a clear path to your business success?

You will leave this workshop inspired, empowered, and knowing the best next steps to take in creating a business vision you love, and one that's true for you and your purpose.

The Program


1) OPENING Meditation

To begin the day we will guide you in a body clearing and replenish meditation. This will help center and provide you with energy for the day ahead.

2) Following your TRUTH

Channeled guidance to give you the answer you're seeking

In this first session, Lanne will ask each person to find their place of truth. With this information, she will access higher knowledge and channel the answer to your questions. Be it business, personal or family, she will deliver the truth and cover the subject completely and clearly.  Prior to the session, you'll be given a sheet to prepare the questions you would like answered.


3) INTUITION: The bridge to creating your vision

In this session you'll learn a simple yet powerful three-step process, to access your intuition, imagination, and highest wisdom. From that inner knowing, you'll discover how to align your actions in the most effective, direct way to move in the direction of your vision.

You'll also understand three of the most important keys in the soul system for success--focus, emotion, and intuition--and how to apply these forces together to bring your vision into reality with more speed and less struggle.


Your heart knows things that your mind can't explain.




Here Barbara will provide intuitive coaching, one-on-one, in a powerful process she uses to help you connect to your higher wisdom and determine the best next move to go from your current reality to realizing your vision. This simple yet profound practice, which can be used at any time, activates your intuition and gives you the inspired action to take to bring faster results and success.

This process will demonstrate why using your intuition to create what you want is far more powerful, faster, and easier than operating from past experience and acting on what you already know.


5) PAINTING from within

Lanne believes there is an artist within everyone. In this session, she'll guide you to complete an abstract acrylic painting balancing your body and spirit. This personal painting inspired from your heart will continue to balance you by connecting to it at anytime.

Come away from this unique session with an original piece of art to lift your spirit and connect you to your truth.


6) MOVING FORWARD with ease

Before you head back out into the ‘real world,’ we’ll look at how to keep the momentum going until you bring your vision to fruition.

You’ll now understand the power of connecting to your higher wisdom and authentic self in becoming a true creative force--in your business and your life.

You'll realize that when people choose to create what is true and highest in them, what once seemed impossible becomes REAL. Often with great speed and clarity.

“It’s not what the vision is, it’s what the vision does.”

As we wrap up our day, we'll offer some energy work and ideas for the next steps to move toward your vision with a sense of peace, ease, and flow.

The Setting

Prepare to be inspired and empowered as you join us for this workshop at the beautiful Broken Heart Studio, an oceanfront space and art studio that embodies what is truly possible when one follows her heart.

Surrounded by beauty, nature, and views of the Haro Strait, you’ll find the inspiration to clarify and expand your vision.

Space is limited to 10 people, to provide an intimate, focused setting that allows time to work one-on-one with each person in applying the principles and next steps to creating their vision.

The Broken Heart Studio is located at 5117 Cordova Bay Rd. in Victoria, British Columbia.


The Results

After this profound day-long training the results you can expect include:

  • You now have more clarity on your vision for your business
  • You have a better understanding of the challenges holding you back
  • You know the next INSPIRED action to take to move forward most effectively
  • You have a tool to access your inner guidance and own wisdom to align your energy, emotions, and actions to move swiftly in the direction of your dream
  • You are ready to create with less fear and more magic!
  • In just one day, you’ve already received some astounding results or transformational insights about your soul's path ... in business and life.

What Others Are Saying


"A life-altering, soul-shaking book…and powerful guide to manifesting what YOUR heart truly wants, Creating the Impossible has changed the way I live. Through her writing and coaching, Barbara was instrumental in helping me realize my vision of taking my first solo trip to Africa."

- Mischelle Van Thiel, CEO of Victoria Hospice, entrepreneur, and business & lifestyle coach

"Lanne’s guidance has enabled me to work with my own intuition and energy to help those around me and to grow further as a person.  Her gift brings enlightenment to emotions and questions in everyday life, allowing me to see my own actions and feelings more clearly.  With this clarity, I have been able to grow both personally and professionally in ways I could not have imagined."

- Kyla Zalapski


"Barbara's "Creating Your Impossible Dream" workshop was perfect timing and a perfect blend of soul-searching, life planning and career "kick in the ass" motivation. All that plus the next best action steps to take."

- Rita F. , activist and digital marketing strategist

"Lanne is a gifted energy healer.  She has guided me through a difficult period with her gentle approach and encouraged me to work with her in new ways.  I’ve always felt safe and I leave our sessions feeling balanced and energized.  Lanne is intuitive, insightful and gifted."

- Pamela Thomson

Liz Stone

"Barbara brings deep commitment, heart, and passion to her work. I loved her workshop - and can't put her book down!  It is clear she’s a champion for others to have great lives and to realize they already have the power to do so. She’s a leader with a powerful message."

- Liz Stone, professional life coach,

"I asked Lanne to do an Energetic Reading for me regarding a business issue I was having.  The issue involved seven people from four different companies.  I gave Lanne a brief description on the issue and just the names of the people involved.  What came back was simply amazing.  The information was very valuable in helping me make a better business decision.  I would recommend her process to anyone who is wrestling with an issue."

- Steve R.

What's Included

In addition to this power-packed day to set you on your path to success, you’ll receive:

  • The  Inspired (virtual) Library -- books, resources, and links to other sources of high-vibe guidance
  • Creative processes and tools to inspire action and maintain momentum
  • “Preferred client” status for future programs with Barbara and Lanne, including upcoming retreats


A gifted writer, speaker, and intuitive coach, Barbara is the best-selling author of Creating the Impossible. Through her writing, programs, and mentoring, Barbara empowers individuals to realize their dreams, without getting caught up in the fear and the how. She helps them connect with their authentic creative power through an inner guidance system she describes as “GPS for your soul’s success.”

From the real-life visionaries she’s interviewed to Barbara’s own transformational experiences, she helps others create their dreams applying the principles and practices of people who’ve done it.

Barbara lives her message, and has followed her own inner guidance to manifest visions including climbing  Mt. Kilimanjaro at 19,341 feet; raising thousands of dollars for abandoned children in Kenya;  and publishing her third book (an Amazon bestseller)—all within the same year.

In coaching and mentoring people to bring their visions to life, she role models courage and possibility, while illuminating a path of inspired action to move their dreams from impossible to done.





A lifetime artist Lanne Rice began Broken Heart Studio in 2006, in Calgary.  A gifted art and energy guide, she empowers others through personal art coaching and holistic healing. In her unique painting sessions, Lanne guides even “non-artists” to complete an piece of art that balances their body and spirit.

In 2007, Lanne became an active member of SEM (Spiritual Experience of Meditation). Today, Lanne is able to shift her energy and tap into inner knowledge to guide clients to their truth through methods such as channelling, meditation, and soul connection readings. In her powerful energy sessions, she connects and guides people to move forward with clarity on issues in their business, life, or health.

Lanne Rice Headshot

Ready to Ignite Your Business Vision?

The investment for this transformational workshop is $497 plus GST.

Don't miss this truly unique opportunity to work with TWO transformational mentors to create your business dream with more ease, grace and clarity.

As legendary author and mythologist Joseph Campbell said:

“As you go the way of life, you will see a great chasm.

Jump. It is not as wide as you think.”

The same can be said for what might seem impossible in your business or career. It’s not always as hard as you think.

What if by taking a leap--a quantum leap--with mentors and a guidance system to support you, your vision became REAL? Maybe even this year!


Say “Yes!” to YOU.

Move the vision you have for your business, success, and life from your imagination to REALITY.

Join us for this profound day of insight, discovery, and guided action.

Get clear. Feel empowered. Be inspired to CREATE YOUR VISION.

Space is limited to 10 people.


Prepare for MAGIC.


book or journal with title about magic

Join us at the Broken Heart Studio, 5117 Cordova Bay Road, Victoria, BC.

Finally get the clarity and direction you deserve to IGNITE A SOUL-INSPIRED BUSINESS you love. It's your time.

For more information contact Barbara Edie by email or Lanne Rice by email.